Senior Machine Learning Engineer


What you’ll do:

- Design, train and deploy machine learning and/or natural language understanding models

Implement new features related to machine learning and engineer real-time data pipelines to incorporate them into the company’s models

Apply research and existing academic work to real-life problems

Write production quality code, scale solutions for high-throughput and low-latency requirements

Implement model observability and system performance

Collaborate with product, design and user research partners as well as the data engineers to design and architect innovative machine learning         solutions to improve the customer experience



What you offer:

3+ years of experience as machine learning engineer or applied machine learning scientist

Experience with machine learning pipelines and concepts such as large-scale training, batch feature extraction, real-time serving platforms

Experience with common ML/NLP libraries experience with BERT,SpaCy, NLTK, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras

Experience with machine learning techniques and advanced analytics (e.g. regression, classification, clustering, time series, causal inference, text      analytics)

Experience working with datasets that reflect real life problems such as noisy, highly imbalanced datasets

Passion for working and learning in a fast-growing company