Optimize your Approach to  Application Modernization

You may have hundredths, if not, thousands of legacy applications that may be crippled by their associated technical debts, however, they remain critical to the operations of your business. In today’s evolving landscape, organizations must adapt to new-age technologies to create an agile environment that enhances process efficiency and outperforms competitors.
Allion’s modernization experts and proven approach can support you throughout the application modernization cycle. Commencing with a feasibility study on current applications and then devising an optimal modernization strategy and tailor-made process to facilitate a secure, transparent, and consistent modernization implementation that can help you streamline your business.

Application Discovery
and Analysis 

Without disrupting business as usual, we will carry out a comprehensive review of your legacy application code and infrastructure. Our experts will conduct a feasibility study to identify dependencies between applications and processes on different platforms and servers.

We then provide a custom migration plan and recommendations report with detailed guidance on the improvements that will derive value to existing legacy applications.

Replatform & Migration  

Take advantage of modern, open-source technologies. Migrate existing legacy applications to more scalable, customizable, cost-effective, and efficient technologies. ​

We will transform your legacy applications, factoring in retiring languages and aging technologies, with the use of modern programming languages, platforms, frameworks, integrations, and databases. Helping you enhance process lifecycles and deliver better user experiences. ​ 

Digital Transformation  

We support you in continuous improvement and cost-saving initiatives through architecture optimization, as you reduce the maintainability and licensing costs associated with legacy systems.

Our partners have transformed into a smart forever business that empowers them to be agile and to drive insight-based decision-making extracted through accurate and up-to-date data.

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