Allion embarked on a transformative journey with our mission 'Gave a Child a Smile, Cared for Humanity,' we were dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of the young minds at Eththota Primary School, an underprivileged institution situated in the Ratnapura district of remote Sri Lanka, a substantial 114 km away from Colombo.

Our vision extended beyond conventional assistance; we aspired to cultivate an enriching educational environment for the 65 students enrolled. This involved the establishment of crucial infrastructure, including classrooms equipped with modern facilities. To further broaden their educational horizons, we provided a desktop computer and ensured 12 months of prepaid internet connectivity through a router. Additionally, we aimed to fill their shelves with a diverse collection of books and supplied them with the necessary stationery, fostering a holistic learning experience.

Together, we created a ripple effect of compassion, ensuring that every child at Eththota Primary School not only received an education but also a chance at a brighter and more promising future.