Swedish Company Replaces Its Manual Employee Verification Process with Automation for Business Growth


Ansvar Sakerhet, a Swedish-based company is a leading specialist in responsibility security. One of its consulting services comprises background checks of employees from the subcontracting firms of their main clients who are the large construction companies based in Sweden and a few other countries. Ansvar Sakerhet conducted the background check process manually due to which it faced various issues in its operations and it led to customer dissatisfaction. Allion Technologies provided a comprehensive technological solution based on a thought-leadership approach. After the implementation of this solution, Ansvar Sakerhet registered a significant improvement in its growth trajectory.

Problem: Tedious, Time-Consuming and Inefficient Manual Processes

Before we elaborate on the problem, it is important to first explain Ansvar Sakerhet’s background verification process.

Ansvar Sakerhet generates a staffing due diligence report that shows whether the work papers and other labour conditions related to the subcontracting firms and their staff comply with the government rules and regulations. The company sources data for this report from the staffing register downloaded from the client. This register contains details of workers and their employment details during a certain period with the client, annual reports and various other relevant sources depending on the country. Ansvar Sakerhet analyses and summarises this data based on specific evaluation criteria, and then prepares the due diligence report.

Now since Ansvar Sakerhet executed this entire process manually, it faced the following challenges:

  1. A large Number of Records
    The staffing register contains details of at least 5000-6000 records. Ansvar Sakerhet had to scan through all these records manually to retrieve the necessary data for the report.

  2. Multiples Issues with Staffing Register
    The staffing register itself had major drawbacks which adversely impacted the accuracy and reliability of the report. These issues were:

    • Duplicate entries related to the same worker and their employment details.

    • The workers’ names and employment data were either misspelt, missing or incorrectly entered.

    • Difficulty in identifying the names of different workers with the same name.

    • Name of workers in different language characters depending on the country.

    • Missing details such as date of birth or the personal identification number which is often used to differentiate and identify individual workers.

    • Multiple employment durations of a particular worker with the company within the particular period of analysis, making it difficult to accurately calculate the number of days worked as well as the tax eligibility.

  3. Customer Dissatisfaction
    Due to the issues with the staffing register, Ansvar Sakerhet had to spend considerable but unproductive hours retrieving, tallying and analysing the data. This increased the service delivery time of the report. Slow delivery went against customer expectations and it resulted in customer dissatisfaction.

Solution: Digitization Through Web-based System

Allion Technologies recommended a web-based system across two phases to automate the processes of Ansvar Sakerhet. The first phase focused on the implementation of the staffing register functionality while phase two looked into the implementation of the digital report functionality.

Phase 1: Staffing Register

• User authentication and management module to enable system user registration, secure login to the system with two-factor authentication and user role-based permissions to use the system facilities.
• Staffing register uploading and analysis module to enable the user to upload the excel register with staff data to the system and perform analysis, validation and cleansing of the data.
• Intelligent search engine to detect employee name duplicates, misspellings and language characters and thereby, identify the valid unique worker records and records with missing data during analysis.
• Employee details management to enable the user to update the details of the workers as required.
• Report generation and printing through calculations based on the defined evaluation criteria.
• Ability for the user to view and print past generated reports instantly through the system.

Phase 2: Digital Report

  • Enabling users to incorporate the pending information required to prepare the final report by facilitating uploading of supporting documents (such as annual reports, any other relevant document) along with the staffing register. It will also allow entering certain data manually by the user referring to each linked supporting document.
    • Generating the final report as per the given template with the filled information in PDF format which can be downloaded and printed anytime through the system.

The solution also offers the following additional features:

• Data protection as per GDPR requirements.
• System and data security through establishing strong authentication frameworks and mechanisms (role and permission-based system access, two-factor authentication)
• Cloud-based solution
• Usage of the modern tech stack
• User-friendliness and flexibility

Process: A Powerful Merger of Technology and Thought-Leadership

Allion Technologies firmly believes in delivering a customised solution to its customers. Ansvar Sakerhet operates in a high niche industry, which meant that Allion Technologies had to understand the business from scratch. It held multiple rounds of discussions and workshops with the client to study their business domain, processes and working mechanisms. This was instrumental in conducting requirement analysis and understanding their burning issues. This entire process called for a thought-leadership mindset for Allion Technologies.

After a thorough evaluation, Allion Technologies took a proactive and competent approach to recommend a suitable technological solution.

Results: Increase Reliability, Accuracy and Efficiency

The solution developed by Allion Technologies is still under development. However, the solution is expected to deliver the following benefits:

  1. Automated Business Processes
    The users can upload the staffing register to the system which will analyse the data automatically based on the pre-configured evaluation criteria and then generate the final report. This task will become so easy and quick that it will reduce the workload of the Ansvar Sakerhet team involved in the manual processes.

  2. Time-Saving
    The regular manual process of analysing data and preparing the report takes about two weeks. The automated system now enables the completion of the entire process is merely 10-15 minutes. Ansvar Sakerhet can use the saved time to focus on core and strategic activities instead of administrative and repetitive tasks.

  3. High Accuracy and Reliability
    The system includes an intelligent search engine to detect duplicate data, misspelt and missing data. The users can review the analysis and proceed with report generation.

  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction
    The satisfaction of the customers will increase due to fast and reliable service.

  5. Higher Business Growth
    Ansvar Sakerhet’s business is expected to witness a higher growth trajectory as the automated system will attract more business opportunities and deliver better financial returns.

About Ansvar Sakerhet

Ansvar Sakerhet is a responsible security company. Its offers services such as procurement support, background check of employees, and workspace control.

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