HCSL realizes a 100% user satisfaction for enhancements to its legacy Audit Management Module 

Healthcare Compliance Solutions Ltd (HCSL), founded in 2004 by Gillian Robinson, is a New Zealand-based provider of cloud-based software solutions for community health and aged care management. HCSL helps a range of health providers including aged care services meet compliance, operational, and care planning needs in line with best practices.

The company embodies a growth mindset as they continually evolve and strive to enhance its solutions in response to changes in clients and industry needs.

System Re-engineering & Enhancements

Business Challenge

HCSL’s Internal Audits Module was embedded in its CRM solution. This legacy system, built with PHP technology, was outdated with incompatibilities and data silos that isolated information, its inefficiencies posed possible security risk of breaches, and extensive system upkeep meant costly maintenance. This resulted in system inflexibility and inadequacies in delivering a viable, user-friendly, and holistically operational auditing soliton to its clients.

HCSL empowers its clients with an Internal Audits and Quality Objective review Module.  This has been designed to help health care providers schedule and complete internal audits to the required Ngà paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard, in order to certify compliance. Helping care services obtain a holistic understanding of the performance of their site and areas for improvement throughout the year.

HCSL aimed to elevate its Internal Audits Module with an improved user experience, advanced features, increased security and additional capabilities.

Modernized Web Application & Advanced Features

The objective was to provide users with an augmented visual design and superior features that enabled them to easily schedule and complete internal audits and other regular set criteria reviews.

The solution was to modernize the legacy Internal Audits Module into an independent web application that delivers a user-friendly, interactive, and dynamic interface, empowering clients with enhanced user experience, enriched features, additional capabilities, and improved security protocols. Allion implemented and delivered the robust web application in just three months.

Allion employed .NET and React technology and agile methodologies for the development of the modern web application. The new web application enables users to easily schedule and complete internal audits, proactively plan audits and schedule preventive maintenance. Additionally, users could configure and administrate their own user accounts, assign multiple users and administrators, and organize the criteria of audit templates, among other features.

Gillian Robinson, Managing Director HCSL stated, “Allion brought together an advanced engineering team who were result-driven and proactive, with excellent leadership in project management. They re-engineered our Internal Audits and Quality Review Module and delivered a web application that empowered users with an improved user experience. The new web application has increased user satisfaction by up to 80%.

Overall, the successful collaboration between HCSL and Allion resulted in the delivery of a modernized web application that provided HCSL's clients with a more user-friendly, feature-rich, and secure Internal Audits and Quality Review Module.

Our Expertise

Project Lead: Yohan Perera

Project Manager/Scrum: Rasan Samarasinghe

Quality Assurance: Manojini Gulawita

Full Stack Development: KH Nilanga, Vipisanan Esvaramoorthy, Nimesh Anuradha, Arafath Misree, Sahan Liyanage, Naveen Ranaweera