GetZeN achieves a significant 56% increase in client acquisition in just three months, with an enhanced customer-facing enrollment tool.

GetZeN  supports businesses and their employees with a new level of perceptiveness to work wellness. This is managed through human interpretation of real-life check-ins and an agnostic attitude to the type of treatment required, helping their clients understand organizational and employee health.

GetZeN helps businesses understand the struggles their employees may face by providing recommendations on wellness programs and measuring outcomes against key metrics such as anxiety, stress, energy, productivity, and overall sense of well-being.

Customization & Enhancements

Business Challenge

GetZeN’s client enrollment was managed using a commercial tool that purely focused on bookings management with little to no customization capabilities and interactive functionalities. This led to inefficiencies in operations management as well as the emergence of business workarounds to avoid the need for custom setup.

GetZeN required an interactive and up-to-date system that helped its clients empower their employees with GetZeN’s mental health programs.

User-Friendly Interface & Subscription Capabilities

The objective was to facilitate the self-enrolment of employees in GetZeN’s mental health and wellness programs. The solution was a customizable, user-friendly, and dynamic user interface that allowed GetZeN to schedule mental health programs and directly interact with clients. Users were provided with the ability to create personalized accounts and subscribe to services and sessions.

This helped HR managers and leaders to stay connected with how people feel or what they need, encouraging a positive work environment that accepts and supports all challenges.

Allion implemented and delivered this capability in three months. Allion employed Azure to host the system, along with Microsoft, React, .Net, C#, and Asp.Net frameworks for the development of the functional requirements that provided a seamless user experience.

   Katy Holliday, Co-Founder and Co-CEO stated, “Our partnership with Allion was a success; their team of experts delivered the functional requirements that enhanced GetZeN’s program administration, session enrollment, and client management platform with customizable functionalities such as account creation and self-enrollment. GetZeN was able to achieve an impressive 56% increase in customer wins in just three months, by leveraging the improved program management system.”


Our Expertise

Project Lead: Dumindu Kulasekara,  specialized in Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AWS Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals, and more.

Front-end Developer: Sithija Sumanga,  a seasoned full-stack developer with over 7 years of experience in software engineering, with expertise in a range of technologies including ReactJs, VueJs, NextJs, NodeJs, Three.js, MongoDB, and MySQL, his capability lies in developing custom web applications, building RESTful APIs, and creating dynamic user interfaces.

Back-end Developer - Pasindu Oshada,  possesses a diverse range of technical skills and knowledge in Asp.NET Core, MySQL, MS SQL, ReactJS, Azure Functions, and Microservices. He is  focused on creating high-quality software applications that are scalable, efficient, and user-friendly.