In 2017, a sponsored charity cycle ride called Ride4Ceylon was organized in Sri Lanka. The initiative was led by a group of former students of St Thomas' College in Colombo, Sri Lanka, who were passionate about rebuilding lives and communities that had been devastated by the three-decade-long civil war.

Their goal this month, was to redevelop and expand the historic Manipay Green Hospital, located in the war-torn region of Jaffna.

The Manipay Green Hospital had been serving the local community of Jaffna, located in the far north of the island, for a long time. However, thirty years of civil war had ravaged the region's facilities, community, and lives, leaving behind shattered pieces of a once-thriving area. The opportunity to rebuild the hospital and expand its services offered a compelling cause, both to address a real need and to revive a community that had been torn apart physically and emotionally by the war.

Allion Contributes

On February 26th, 2023, Ride4Ceylon, a charitable cycling event, was held, and Allion was honored to be one of the sponsors of this noble cause. As a company, we believe in giving back to society and supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on people's lives.

The funds raised through Ride4Ceylon will go towards reviving this crucial medical center and restoring its services, infrastructure, and facilities to the community in need.

As a sponsor of this event, Allion had the opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause and make a positive impact on society. We take pride in supporting such initiatives that create a better future for all, and we look forward to participating in more corporate social responsibility projects in the future.

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