Alligo realizes a significant cost reduction in its order management process

Alligo is a leading specialist in Workwear, PPE, and Tools & Supplies in the Nordic region. Established in 2020, Alligo aims to build an integrated company with a scalable platform that can continue to drive long-term profitability and sustainable growth.

Alligo's customer base consists of a mix of small and medium-sized enterprises, large industrial companies, and the public sector. The size of its customers varies by country, with small and medium-sized enterprises being the predominant group in Sweden, while larger companies account for a greater proportion in Norway and Finland.

They have established a strategic map that guides them toward their vision of becoming unbeatable as a partner to their customers and suppliers, an employer for their employees, and the leader in sustainable development in their sector.

System Re-engineering & Enhancements

Business Challenge

Alligo's order management process relied heavily on a CRM software that required manual input of customer data, and an ERP system to maintain information on sales agreements and orders that often came in via telephone or email.

The process needed to be digitally transformed into a streamlined, automated system that eliminated manual input and ensured a positive user experience. Alligo required a common Nordic application that was interactive and user friendly, a robust mobile platform that functioned as a daily tool and enabled customers and sales personnel to collect and send order information conveniently and in real time.

Modernized Mobile Application & Advanced Features

The objective was to provide users with an integrated platform that digitally connects order management with customers, providing them with superior features to quickly and effectively login, access information tailored to their sales agreement, and place orders in an instant, with the assurance of knowing their orders and information are securely and reliably handled.

The solution was the implementation of a dynamic mobile application that seamlessly integrated with Alligo’s ERP system via a REST API. This empowered customers with access to automatic stock updates, real-time order updates, and product information.

Customers are now able to quickly place orders through their mobile devices. The integration with Alligo’s ERP further streamlined the ordering process, automating product and quantity allocations in accordance with sales agreements. Moreover, customers have the ability to dispatch a goods received note, upon arrival of the order. The user-friendly mobile application provides an efficient purchasing experience with up-to-date information and a smooth ordering process.

Allion Sweden delivered the operational mobile application in eleven months, leveraging React Native, Redux, TypeScript, and JavaScript frameworks to develop the functional requirements and provide a seamless user experience. Our expertise in these technologies enabled us to exceed expectations and deliver an exceptional product.

Mr. Timo Kaartinen, Smart Service Manager : “ Alligo has realized a significant cost reduction in its order management process. The mobile application delivered by Allion Sweden has empowered our customers with effective order management practices, enhanced our levels of customer success, and supported in standardizing our processes.”