In 2023, our post-iteration efforts have achieved substantial progress in supporting Vinning across crucial areas for further business enhancements.

The Container Application

Transportation is vital to Vinning's operations, necessitating a streamlined approach for customers to request their preferred transportation mode, size, and method.

A solution has been meticulously crafted to address and enhance this aspect, enabling customers to access a range of Vinning-registered transportation firms and yards. This empowers clients to select the container type best suited to their needs.

This solution has been thoughtfully designed with a focus on user-friendliness, providing accessibility through both mobile and desktop applications. Furthermore, it can offer tailored suggestions based on past interactions, aiding customers in informed decision-making.

Transitioning to the Customer Portal

In the complex landscape of transactions, clarity is paramount, something Vinning embraces fully. The key objective is to provide clients with a comprehensive view of transactions, forming the foundation for improved relationships with suppliers and customers.

This encompasses several elements, including:

  • Detailed Transaction Oversight: The Customer Portal enables SMART-registered suppliers/customers to track and manage transactions efficiently, enhancing real-time oversight for better decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Article Analysis: Empower suppliers/customers with data-driven insights by analyzing supplied articles or services subgroups through the portal, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Precise Weight Tracking (EWC/RD Waste): The portal facilitates accurate tracking of EWC/RD waste article weights, promoting responsible waste management among SMART-registered suppliers/customers.

This approach simplifies client interactions and tasks, benefiting from an enhanced interface and accessibility.


Waste Ordinance and Reporting

In Sweden, regulations necessitate reporting hazardous waste to the Waste Registry, aligning with directives from the Swedish Environmental Agency.

To meet this requirement, the SMART solution has been meticulously configured to seamlessly integrate with the Sweden Environmental Protection Agency portal via API access. This feature enables the SMART solution to autonomously generate and transmit required reports to the Sweden Environmental Agency. This integration empowers the solution to precisely document critical information concerning hazardous waste.

As we continue to design, configure, and enhance additional features within the SMART system, our journey toward improvement is progressing at an impressive pace, with much more to come.