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Allion Blood-Donation

Allion Blood Drive 2018

It just takes 10 minutes for you to save three lives.

As part of the company’s CSR initiative, the Activity Club, together with the employees organized a blood donation campaign to  help replenish the depleting stocks of blood at the National Blood Bank.

The team was called to action when it was published on various media platforms that the National Blood Bank was facing a shortage of blood! The event was organized withing a short period of time at the National Blood Transfusion Service, Colombo, where many of the employees themselves donated blood.

Allion Night 2017

Allion Night 2017

Allion Night 2017 was the annual year end party organized by the Activity Club of Allion Technologies.

The Masquerade themed event held at the Grand Oriental Hotel in Colombo was nothing short of an evening full of entertainment & fun activities which included “Secret Santa” and the selection of the Masquerade King & Queen! The dance floor was set on fire by the employees who let loose and partied the night away!!