Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Google's Quantum Supremacy Achieved

Google has been making strides in quantum computing for the past few years. Quantum Supremacy, as we call it is a significant leap towards achieving the ability to solve the most complex problems deemed unsolvable with what we currently have, classical computing. 

Why Do We Need Quantum Computing? 

Executing complex algorithms and solving even more complicated problems need serious computing power. Time is money and with Quantum Supremacy, we're pushing computers to the point where these computing methods can execute specialized algorithms faster than any classical supercomputer can.  

In most recent attempts to reach this quantum supremacy, google's 72-qubit Bristlecone processor surpassed classical supercomputers to perform random circuit sampling. This simply is a task of generating numbers and comparing results with classical counterparts. 

This is an accomplishment that has tremendous implications for so many industries. Cryptography, material science, drug discovery, and designing the most complex artificial intelligence solutions that can massively impact lives. Everything that takes an incredible amount of time to process is done in a fraction of time. 

Trial and Error 

However, it's important to note that quantum supremacy is only a start. We're on the brink of overcoming numerous challenges, including error correction, and improving qubit coherence and scalability. Google marks a serious leap forward in realizing the potential and implications of quantum computing to our lives. 

Companies such as IBM, and Microsoft, and named start-ups like Rigetti Computing and IonQ are revolutionizing the industry by developing hardware and software that is capable of working on quantum computing. Utilizing this technology in a practical sense is almost a race among these players. A rush to reach a day to transform the way we solve problems. 


Celebrating Google's achievement in stepping into quantum supremacy, we're made to realize how deep we can go into technology and how much of it is still uncharted. The possibilities, revolutions, and applications. Technology is an endless universe with equally endless possibilities. We're excited to see all the doors quantum computing will open to humanity and our role as Allion. 

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