Our Value Proposition

We strive to create purpose-driven innovation through integration,
automation and synchronization because that’s what we do best – better than the rest.

Our Solutions

Our solution offerings include fully-fledged/360-degree Digital Integration, Digital Automation and Digi-Tech Synchronization – because what’s important to you is more important to us. Our driving force is simplifying innovation for business acceleration.

Digital Integration

We realign business models, recreate products and redefine customer experiences together with cutting-edge technology to accelerate business growth. With this solution you’d be able to;

  • create a better customer experience
  • enhance your brand reputation
  • be a go-getter in business/product innovation

Digital Automation

We reimagine business functionality to simplify day-to-day operationality to amplify organizational productivity which is a long-term necessity. With this solution you’d be able to;

  • extend the reach of your organization
  • increase productivity with maximum resource utilization
  • create a culture that encourages creativity and innovation

Digi-Tech Synchronization

We ensure streamlined synchronization with secure IT infrastructure and applications to be the driving force of your organization’s long-term sustenance. With this solution you’d be able to;

  • revolutionize your organization’s digital systems and technology
  • accelerate speed and agility with the use of technological modus operandi
  • safeguard your organization with a secure framework for applications, platforms and infrastructure, consistently

Success Stories

Founded in 1978, Global Batterier is one of Scandinavia’s leading distributors of starter batteries for cars,
trucks and motorcycles as well as traction batteries and stationary batteries


  • Custom built software using outdated technologies limiting leverage for organizational growth
  • Inability to cover timely business intelligence, reporting and new process automation
  • High cost of maintenance with in-house hosted infrastructure
  • Unidentified functions in software sphere which evolved with the company for some time
  • Inability to have a smooth anytime, anywhere access to software that supports current operations

Key Highlights

  • Deployment of state-of-the-art software with great user reviews
  • Maximum leverage obtained for organizational growth through great systems
  • Timely delivery of data for better planning and decision making backed by well rooted BI
  • Improved service and support standards for end-users

About Us

The strength of our success lies in three main components – an exceptional group of people,
advanced innovation and an entrepreneurial mind-set in continuous progression.


We live by the foundational pillars of creating long term relationships, practicing agility alongside learning and thinking based operations, cultivating cultural awareness, maintaining business continuity and abiding by professional and ethical behavioral accountability.


We follow the principles of purpose-driven innovation ranging from 3D visualization to enterprise applications for digital transformation.


We focus on designing, launching and running our business with an ambitious mind-set that takes risks, resolves complexities and is determined to do better than the rest.

We’re ready to lead you into the future of purpose-drive innovation.

Contact Us

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