Back in 2006, we started with a dream to build a software and related IT service organization with a dream to become the partner of choice for global enterprises in powering cutting edge technology for their businesses.

Our foundational pillars are all about creating long term relationships, agility, learning and thinking based operations, cultural awareness, business continuity and Professional and ethical behaviour.

Salindra Gulawita

Salindra Gulawita
Asiri Alexander

Asiri Alexander

Looking back at our journey, we commenced operations at first with one of our leading Australian clients developing an Enterprise software, and from thereon, expanded our operation in that arena from the year 2008 to cover corporates, NFPs and even employment and educational entities with the same. To date our team has preserved the relationship well with our initial client, and we are honored to say, they have remained using us as their trusted IT services partner since 2006.

In 2009, we shifted our focus to new frontiers and digitally transformed the Health-Care Industry in North America. Thanks to our trusted clientele there, we have been successful in growing our reach.

Here in Sri Lanka, growing in numbers and skill and experience, we went back to the Australasian region and set footprint in New Zealand. Our work once again in the Healthcare and Education sectors there were of immense success. Led by this iconic achievement, a Sydney based office of Allion was established primarily to serve the Australian and New Zealand based clients. It has been a wonderful journey since then.

2013 was another milestone for Allion as we implemented a niche technology on 3D visualization for our very first Japanese client and we also established our Vancouver operation that year. Allion was now in the Far East as well and the team was overwhelmingly supported by all our clients, which strengthened our foundations more.

Scandinavia came into the picture by year 2014 for Allion, where we  started building an enterprise application for the insurance industry in Sweden. With an established partner in the country, we secured many clients and contracts and are still going strong.

Our aim is to become a global organization with local presence and we are working towards expanding our service offerings and market reach extensively by 2020. Our current focus is reaching more potential digital transformations in Sweden by establishing local presence.

While being an exceptional service provider, we at Allion are also strong believers of community and social development, and strive to be a great corporate citizen in all our endeavours.

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for global enterprises in powering cutting edge technology for their businesses, based on the foundations of continuous growth, delivery excellence, innovation and global technology thought leadership.

Our Mission

Becoming the bridging catalyst between technology and other industry verticals creating new opportunities for businesses to harness growth, and sustainable revenue through digital transformation.

Our Values

Upholding our corporate DNA of striving for Honesty, Accountability, Perseverance and Discipline

We have created a dynamic company culture incorporating these characteristics into our corporate DNA as our foundation in serving clients, and each other, and strive to uphold it as a team in all our efforts.

Maintaining Transparency

Ensuring trust and openness with customers and employees alike

Enhancing Efficiency

Constantly encouraging each other to grow and smartly simplify processes to improve our services

Being Ethical and green

by always using sound unbiased judgment and respecting our communities, associates and the environment alike.


Our knowledge, lessons learnt and industry best practices to encourage creating cutting-edge solutions and a positive change.

Fostering the “Can” do Attitude

which leads to our long term client relationships and great culture

Continuous learning

We believe in staying ahead of the curve at all times by inspiring and empowering continuous learning for our employees.

The allion culture is firmly founded on equal opportunity, respect, caring for employees and society and is focused on continuously learning to better every aspect of the company every day. We are an equal opportunity employer focused on building careers along with our business whereby we take the unmatched Sri Lankan IT talent to global heights.

Our work is beyond the norms where we strive to maintain long term partnerships with our clients by constant focus on qualitative service delivery. Our flat organizational structure and open door policy is our key enabler for such innovation where we work together as a team to constantly enhance our offerings, and this is the same factor which has hoisted Allion to its success today.

We believe in creating a journey with our clients where we enrich ourselves and them with cutting edge technology and innovation focused on bringing mutual long term sustainable business growth.

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