How we Engage

With our proven expertise as transformation catalysts across multiple industry verticals, our engagement process is based on fully customized solutions, catering to the specific needs of each of our clients, using a unique approach.

Our dynamic and diverse teams constantly look for ways to combine latest technology, with business needs ensuring that they adhere well with your working culture.

Our engagement model in transforming your business is a simple 5 step process and this is how it works when developing enterprise solutions.

  • 01


  • 02


  • 03

    Project development and implementation

  • 04

    UAT & Delivery

  • 05

    Post Delivery Support


The first phase includes understanding your requirement, transformation readiness and exploring the most accurate digital business model that the team from Allion can provide, This includes the selection of an engagement model, mentioned below, that best suits our client.

  • Extended team
  • Project  based
  • Staff augmenting based consultancy services


This phase will involve the agreement on project objectives, success criteria, acceptance mechanism, governance model and project delivery roadmap. This would be the basis for all project activities during the engagement and would also set accurate expectations with all project stakeholders involved.

Development & Implementation

  • Development methodology – Using the scrum practices, Allion will work with the Product Owner from the client’s end. Allion team members would visit the client at the end of pre-defined and agreed upon key milestones to effectively contribute and get first hand business/user experience towards the product/project. This would minimize any communication gaps and will have an effective/positive approach towards the final product.
  • Solution implementation: There will be multiple sprint cycles from the project inception to completion. Each of these will have a rigorous review process covering design, prototyping, code reviews and test process.
  • Configuration Management/Source Control – All software development projects produce several number of software assets during its execution, including documents, programs, data and manuals which constantly evolve with each sprint cycle. To avoid losing control of the project in the face of changes, the Allion Team will define a configuration management plan.
  • Project Status Reporting and Tracking – Projects typically report status on a weekly basis.

UAT and Delivery

On completion of the said sprints, the product will be subjected to an agreed term of User Acceptance testing and thereby be followed by delivery as per agreed timelines.

Post Delivery Support

Allion will provide warranty/support for 4 weeks from the Go-Live date.

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