What is unique about Allion Technologies?

We’ve been in the business for 12+ years, working in many client engagements. This includes working as a consulting organization, system integrator, and as an extended team for our clients. We have established processors where we have become a true solution provider. We comes with a diversified list of competencies where clients will have one stop solution for their IT needs.  

What markets does Allion Technologies work in?

Right now we are working with clients from North America, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden. We are looking forward to taking up challenges in new markets in future.

How does Allion do project related agreements and to which Jurisdictions do they apply?

Before any project initiative, we will sign a contract with the client in-line with project goals and expectations. Contracts are done with validity within Client Jurisdictions.

How does Allion ensure quality of delivery and data protection?

We are a ISO 9001 quality certified organization. All quality processors applicable for ISO9001 are being used in day to day project work to maintain the required quality across all functions of our organization. In Addition to this, Allion Technologies is ISO 27001 certified in data security standards, where we take full responsibility of data protection in compliance with standards such as European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Can we get references from your clients?

Please contact us so we can make an introduction. You can see some client testimonials from the “Our Work” page.

What Technologies and tools does Allion Technologies use?

We are focused on learning new technologies and building a custom stack when it comes to each project, as no requirement is identical to another. We do have clients in diverse industries across the world. However we work in mainstream technologies covering .NET, JAVA, PHP web and mobile app development. In addition to this we also have significant skills in handling Sales Force, odoo, Magento, Umbraco, Drupal, WordPress and DOTNETNUKE technologies.

How does Allion Technologies engage in projects?

It depends on your need, primarily, we have two engagement models which include:

  • Project based engagement where Allion takes the full responsibility of the project with established communication mechanisms with product owner from client.
  • Extended Team where Allion team members operate as a part of a larger team (extended team) where Allion resources will adopt in line with client work methodologies and practices. The typical reporting will be done to the client

Is there a minimum size for a project assignment?

Nope, there is no size too small. We undertake a plethora of requirements. Just give us a buzz and let’s talk about how we can serve you.

How about Travel? Would the Allion team visit us if needed to engage in projects?

Definitely. We do have regional offices in Australia and Canada in addition to the head office in Sri Lanka for ease of access of our resources to you.  We also ensure that we are on ground to work with our client teams on important milestones and also more frequently based on project complexity. We are flexible to accommodate any travel requirements to meet our client expectations.

Do you have a representative in our region?

We are operational with partners in almost every region, talk to one of our offices in Sri Lanka, Canada or Australia and we will hook you up right away with one of them.

How does the typical onboarding process work?

Well that’s quite simple and you can see the process in detail on our “How we engage” page. This is how it goes:

Comprehensive Requirement study (Study client requirements including short, mid and long-term client goals) —-> Establish project governance covering communication protocol, service levels and reporting structure —–> Provide access to required project tracking and management tools to the client—-> Resourcing with client——> Project kick off——> Initiating project work

How fast can we form a team?

For projects working in mainstream technologies, a team can be formed within  4-6 weeks. In most situations we provide resources from the current resource pool at Allion. In the event where we will need to recruit, we will ensure we do thorough screening, interviewing and hiring of candidates meeting your precise project delivery needs.

Can I get an indication about the costs?

For sure, our pricing is basically founded on the scope of work you put forward to us. There are multiple costing schemes you can choose from and we ensure we accomodate your needs. Talk to us today to get your quote.

Is Sri Lanka a good place to set up an operation?

Being one of the top 30 locations in the world for offshoring services, current Sri Lankan operations power global brands like eBay, Microsoft, London Stock Exchange, Emirates, Qatar Airways and British Telecom amidst hundreds of others. Sri Lankan resources are well known for skill in building complex software systems and solutions for telecom, aviation, finance and even manufacturing where billions of users exist and millions of transactions happen in a day.

Sri Lanka carries a literacy rate of 92%, one of the highest in Asia, and has a base of 90,000+ skilled IT workers, expected to grow to 200,000+ by 2022 and was also the first in South Asia to develop a 4G network. These are definitely a few solid reasons why Sri Lanka is one of the best in the ICT domain and many companies across the world consider Sri Lanka to be a natural complement to their operations.

How about language skills and cultural awareness of people at Allion?

Our team is flexibility to work with different cultures.  Our language skills are one of the key strengths of ours. This is evident with the work we’ve done in different countries, and sustaining our client relationships for long periods of time. In addition to this, all our staff carry excellent English language proficiency. The Sri Lankan education system has enabled english medium studies from secondary school level and a majority of tertiary education in both government and private universities are english based.