From governmental systems to corporates to
Non-profit entities we have powered the full spectrum

Since its inception, Allion has worked with many clients who have repeatedly engaged with us. Thus, our portfolio entails many leading global ISV’s.
We have proven our expertise across multiple domains including the Non-profit sector.
Some of our work is right here including four of our key domain specializations amidst many.


Learning and education is a constantly evolving industry seeking innovative means of delivering qualitative services to its audiences. Allion’s expertise have powered multiple education systems across the world with ground-breaking delivery schemes and cost effective processes.

A few of our systems implemented are as follows:

  • Student Management Systems (SMS)
  • Integration on a shared Assessments Framework with an SMS
  • iOS and Android Mobile Application Integration for SMS
  • Learning Management System (LMS) using the SCORM 1.2 and MOODLE compliant Frameworks
  • Systems to handle Student scholarship applications for a well-established university in Australia

We power over 160,000 students with processes.


Healthcare is an ever growing industry which is diverse from country to country. Being a specialist in tailoring bespoke solutions to this sector, we bring together the industry specific best practices and cutting edge technological tools to deliver patient satisfaction across the world.

Some of the systems implemented include:

  • Health survey analysis and management system to Fight Retinal Blindness
  • Ward Evaluation, Ward Audit & Accreditation System for Healthcare Service Providers
  • MRP system for managing the production and distribution of Healthcare and Bioscience related products
  • Document Management System for a National Collaborating Centre relating to Environment Health

Read all about how we changed the game for Indoscan; boasting of over over 3000 Medical Professionals, 300 hospitals (both Government and Private sector) and 1600 Pharmacy Outlets on its distribution channels.

Governmental services

Our governmental services and solutions extend to powering employment and streamlining services in social security. We have delivered solutions which have impacted nearly half a million prospective employees seeking employment.

Our primary system in governmental services includes Web applications that assists government systems with a unique working environment for consultants.

Non-profit sector

Unlike profit making entities where revenue is key and processes define the same, the NFP sector is vastly different. It is vital to delve deep into the operations models of these entities to envision their future needs and cater to them with specific tailor made solutions.

While powering worldwide corporate entities and governments, we have also successfully harnessed technology for the NFP sector in the forms of ERP systems, CRM systems and HR tools.

Cindy Brown

Development Manager – Schola Technologies

“Our company, Schola Limited, has been working with Allion Technologies since 2012, developing a system for school and student management. Allion’s philosophy is based on “partnership” and we have been very happy to have our own, highly qualified, team working exclusively on our project. We have found the entire Allion team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with, and have the ability to clearly understand our business requirements and also those of our customers. Allion have gone above and beyond to ensure our system consistently works as expected. They consistently deliver high quality solutions for our business and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Mike Janice


“Allion Technologies has consistently delivered high levels of commitment, expertise, technical skills, reliability and quality of service. This has significantly contributed towards establishing our business in today’s market and maintaining high level of competitiveness. Bringing innovation, integrity, intelligence and technical expertise to our business operations, Allion Technologies distinguishes itself through its professionalism, efficiency and quality of service. It has indeed been a pleasure working with the team at Allion Technologies and we highly recommend them as a trusted partner”

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