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with enterprise scale digital transformation

Equipped with 10+ years of experience in working with multiple industry verticals, we are specialist transformation enablers catering to the needs of our clients utilizing a fully customized delivery process in developing and managing enterprise business solutions!

Our team of enterprise transformation advocates dedicate their time into understanding a client’s business, their roadblocks, challenges, mindsets, culture and behavior in order to envision their digitalized future for maximum returns.

In doing so, we fully adhere to quick delivery timelines to ensure that you are always ahead of your competition in offering cutting-edge services to your clients. We find that it is essential to meet your business objectives quickly and comprehensively and incorporate our Global and local expertise, technical guidance, support, vision, excellence and passion into digitalizing your business, through competitive enterprise solutions.

Our unique engagement approach is not just about delivering a solution, it is about gelling into the cultural and demographical aspects surrounding our clients, and delivering solutions being in their shoes. From design to development to testing and implementation, we take an agile approach to ensuring your digitalization requirements are well in line with solving your business challenges.

Our expertise spans across the following services in developing and managing enterprise solutions:

Digital disruption

If you are seeking to be a pioneer in digitalization, we can partner with you to build your solutions using the latest technology.

Business automation

Allion is equipped to automate your business processes from A-Z. This will empower you with the competitive edge needed to excel in your business. We aim to enhance your visibility and control to ensure that you have significant differentiators which help you stand out from your competition. Consistent service delivery is an absolute must in today’s day and age and that is exactly what we focus on to make sure your business is sustainably developed. For an instance:

  • We work with large databases and we can help you manage data across multiple workloads, while reducing administration, storage, development and server costs. We can build  high-performance solutions manage data from requirements to retirement, and can assure the privacy and integrity of your data.
  • We also power Mobility which is all about putting business at the tip of your fingers, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Today’s Mobile leaders are doing more to integrate mobile into the fabric of their business. We can work with you to design mobile solutions to help you to set your mobile strategy, re-imagine your interactions with customers, seamlessly integrate mobile into their traditional workplace and manage this mobile environment in an optimized and secure way.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce has grown to become the world’s top CRM solution, with the widest available support for scalabilty and future growth. Our team is Salesforce certified and ready to take on your CRM migration from legacy systems or integration with existing business processes.

The following services are provided as part of our Salesforce offering:

  • Business process analysis and mapping
  • Software implementation project scoping
  • CRM architecture and implementation
  • Salesforce.com configuration/customization
  • Custom object creation Metrics/reporting development
  • Business analytics Development of full Salesforce.com security and permissions structures
  • Workflow business process automation
  • Validation rules
  • Sales cloud configuration
  • Service cloud configuration
  • Role mapping to system processes
  • Approval Processes Documentation and training development
  • Data integration and quality management
  • Object-oriented software development
  • Custom integration of Salesforce with outside systems
  • Agile software development process
  • Apex coding, SOAP API, Metadata API, REST API

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